Conversation Collage

Conversation Collage is a project centred on a client’s identity. The collages are commissioned pieces of art, given as gifts to care home residents by friends and family.

Conversation Collage aims to help social interaction within care homes. These pieces of art offer an insight into the past lives of residents. They can help those around them to understand that the person they are is not always the person they have become.

To create the pieces of art, a representative from Engage-Events spends time with the participating Older Person or Person living with Dementia and gains information and an insight into their life and interests. The visits take a person-centred approach, with a focus on treating every resident as an individual.

The information collected is then turned into a piece of art, in a medium that is most suited to the client. These vary from textile tapestries and photography to oil paintings and illustrations. All the artwork is created locally by young artists who are committed to making a real difference to an Older Person’s quality of life.

DSCF9380Conversation Collages are a valuable way to communicate a person’s memories, identity and life to those living and working around them. They are a way for friends and family members to contribute positively towards the well-being of their loved ones. These pieces of art help us all to remember the whole person.

Conversation Collage links Older People with their wider community, whilst keeping their amazing life stories alive in a visually stimulating and creative way. We hope to introduce Conversation Collage to as many care homes as possible across North London.