Who we are

Engage-Events is a lean organisation with a small but dynamic team. We are a group of young, enthusiastic individuals, with a genuine passion for working with Older People. Our diverse backgrounds and interests enable us to have a creative and exciting approach to meaningful activity. The Engage-Events team believes strongly in the importance of creativity, and intergenerational work within the local community.

Jessica Ellis

Founder: Jessica Ellis

Jessica first developed the idea for Engage-Events after spending a year working as a care assistant. During this time she developed a love for working with Older People and saw a real need to promote the importance of meaningful activity within care.

Since then Jessica has dedicated her spare time to working with Older People and the local community earning a number of awards.

Jessica works for the Alzheimer’s Society in London, where she also lives.

Jessica fully believes that creativity and social interaction will contribute to the fight against loneliness and isolation amongst older people in care.

Natalie Shepping

Head Fundraiser: Natalie Shepping

Natalie became involved with ‘Engage-Events’ at the early stages of its development. A qualified Teacher of Health and Social Care, with a masters in Health Promotion and Public Health, Natalie has experience of developing and implementing health promotion and community development programmes in deprived communities in London, from consultation, to project delivery and evaluation.

When running these programmes, Natalie has been responsible for generating funding to start up and sustain the wide variety of projects.

Since her masters degree, Natalie has had a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities in deprived areas and also sees the need to reduce the gap for provision of activity within the elderly care sector.

katie_ essam_p1Resident Artist: Katie Essam

Making these art pieces has been a new challenge, an inspiring journey and has helped me develop new skills. I enjoyed every minute even though I was constantly evaluating to see whether the pieces really reflected the true identity of Nell and Keith. However when Jess told me that looking at Nell’s wall hanging she felt ‘as if she was in the room with Nell’ I was so chuffed. My main aim with each piece is to showcase the richness of these lives that has been hidden away in the minds of those who lived them.

I believe there is a wealth of wisdom and experience which has been forgotten and locked away in elderly people’s minds. It needs to be unlocked and displayed to enrich future generations.

I feel that we need to draw on our elders, inspiring and encouraging them to tell us about their amazing lives, not just seeing them as old worn out people tucked out of sight and forgotten in homes. They are our history and our heritage.

Clare Evans 230

Resident Yoga Teacher: Clare Evans